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Class Reunions - Underway
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1957 Class Reunion
1957 60th
Then/Now Photos
1967 Class Reunion
1967 50th
Then/Now Photos
1972 Class Reunion
1972 45th
Then/Now Photos

Past Class Reunions
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All Class Reunion
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1956 Class Reunion
1959-1960 Class Reunion
1959 & 1960
Group Photos
1961 Class Reunion
1961 55th
Group Photos
1964 Class Reunion
1964 50th
Group Photo
1965 Class Reunion
1965 50th
Then/Now Photos
1965 Class Reunion
1965 52nd
Then/Now Photos
1966 Class Reunion
1966 50th
Then/Now Photos


Year Book

It would be a great addition for the Nortonville Library South Hopkins section to have a complete set of Yearbooks for display.

Please consider donating any Yearbooks or duplicates you may have.

Deposit in the Library book dropoff with
your name on a piece of paper.

A webpage will be built to display the Yearbook cover donated with your name.



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I attended the SHHS
All Class Reunion 9-10-11

Class of 1966
50th Class Reunion
I Attended!
Sept. 10, 2016

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