White Plains High School Class of 1932

White Plains booklett cover

Credits and Interesting Story


Thanks to Lynne (Jordan) Slaton supplying the document and thanks to Nola (Jordan) Gray. Nola and Lynne wrote the interesting story behind the class of 1932.

Nola (Dillender) Jordan was the owner of Jordan's Grocery in White Plains. This was her document and Diploma.


"The 1932 class was never intended to happen. My sister Nola Gray says that all 4 years (I thought it was only the senior year) the students kept showing up for class (Nola thinks for about 3 months) until the powers (the board of Ed) that be sent a teacher which allowed the students to graduate. One graduate, Raymond Dillingham, did not get the graduate card so there is none for him." ~ Lynne & Nola.

Commencement Program

cover page and class role

Commencement Exercise Invitation

class of 1932 invitation


Graduates' Name Cards

8 of the 9 name Graduate Name cards

School Days

School Poem - Class of 1932